9/15 MLB Pitching

What’s up guys, Fuggets here and I wanted to start off a revamp of my old domain name to DFS with a MLB pitching post.  So let’s jump right into the 7 p.m. slate with 8 games and see what gems we can find.

Rich Hill (L) FD $9,700 | DK $12,00

It’s a scary matchup and doesn’t come without some big risks vs a Diamondback team that for the most part crushes lefties. He’s a much better bargain on FanDuel than DraftKings. I do like the Diamondbacks tonight and will probably have them in a hedge lineup to counteract my Hill lineup, however I am loving the K upside that Hill brings to the table.

His two games in September have been at 89 pitches and I’m hopeful he can get back to his 100+ level he reached in 11 of his 13 games prior to injury. It’s his 4th game back and in the last 30 days his SWSTR (9.7% last 30) and K% (30.8% last 30 -highest on slate) has remained pretty consistent with his season average.  With the highest K/9 on the slate tonight, he looks to be very appealing.

Not feeling Rich? No problem, I have a few others for us to consider.  Let’s jump to the bottom of the price range.

Mike Montgomery (L) FD $6,700 | DK $4,700

Be prepared to share this pitcher with a lot of others tonight. He’s cheap, he’s got great SWSTR (13.1% last 30 -highest on slate) and K% (23.5% last 30) numbers and he’s up against a Brewers team that’s known to strikeout.

I found it hard to use up my full salary on FanDuel with Montgomery and it might be the only way to use him on there to keep your lineup unique because there’s not a batter you couldn’t have tonight with Montgomery in there so leave some money on the table to differentiate.

Not feeling it still?  Let’s jump to the next guy on the list.

Masahiro Tanaka (R) FD $9,600 | DK $9,600

Not a great value on FanDuel but if you want low ownership, you are going to get it from Tanaka.  Not a lot of people target pitchers vs the Red Sox but the hitters appear to be a bit in a slump and Tanaka has some decent numbers. You can probably expect people to pay $100 more for Hill or punt down to Montgomery or go middle tier with Happ or Snell (punt no DK).

But Tanaka has decent numbers on the season and the last 30 days. SWSTR of 11.8% the last 30 paired up with a K% of 25.2%.  The worry here is the Red Sox don’t necessarily strikeout and it’s a valid concern. Tanaka is definitely a GPP play.

Last but not least… (no it’s not Happ, though he’s probably the cash play)

Blake Snell (L) FD $7,700 | DK $5,500

It’s a scary spot vs an O’s team known to hit well. They didn’t do too hot last night and eeked out a W with a single Trumbo dong.  Snell definitely has the K upside with the 2nd highest K/9 on the board (9.58) vs a Baltimore team that likes to swing and miss.

He’s probably much more useful on a non WHIP site like FanDuel due to his high WHIP rate.  Also likely why he’s only 5.5k on DraftKings.  Even stll, with a SWSTR of 11.9% over last 30 days and a K% of 24.7%, you can see why he’s very much in play here tonight.

Did I forget someone you like for tonight’s MLB pitching options?  Let me now in the comments or on Twitter.

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