Week 3 NFL DFS Picks

Let’s jump right into some Week 3 NFL DFS action and get down to the plays I’m loving the most for QB, RB and WR.  FanDuel pricing used below and the player pool is for the Sunday main slate.


All of these guys have 30+ point potential ceilings and are in great matchups.  Palmer could potentially be the riskiest of the plays and I would reserve him for GPP options but Buffalo is giving up the long ball and I like upside that brings pairing up with Floyd or Fitzgerald and even getting David Johnson in the mix on some of those for a large field GPP play.

Tannehill feels like the chalk option for cash with his price at $7,4000 and up against the Browns.  I don’t know if I’m going to use him in any GPPs yet but I like the matchup here and will use him in smaller field tournaments to help pay up for more stability in the other skill positions.

  • Andrew Luck
  • Ryan Tannehill
  • Blake Bortles
  • Carson Palmer
  • Phillip Rivers
  • Derek Carr


Melvin Gordon is a player that could ruin your Sunday or make it. He’ll likely be one of the highest owned running backs on the slate making him a good grab at his price for cash games but there is certainly better opportunity for GPP.  With Gordon, we really need a long 50 plus yard TD run to help surpass our expectations of 100 yards and a TD (or two).  Will be interesting to see how Farrow and McCluster play a role this week as well.

DeAngelo Williams is another RB that we’re eyeing for this week. Like wine, he seems to get better with age. Let’s give some credit to the Pittsburgh offensive line but when Bell is out, D Will is a beast of a RB 1 and his price tag shows it. At least with him, his ceiling is in the 30’s whereas with Gordon you’re hoping for something in the 20’s.

Charles Sims and Shane Vereen would be my value plays of the week. With Rashad Jennings out, it’s likely Vereen is going to get a lot of love.  If you’re paying up in other spots, these two guys provide nice salary cap relief with enough increase in opportunity to be a big play this week. Sims is a bit higher and probably provides a bit more bang for the buck. I don’t know that I will play them both together but I like mixing and matching with the other plays listed below.

  • Melvin Gordon
  • David Johnson
  • DeMarco Murray
  • Charles Sims
  • DeAngelo Williams
  • Matt Forte
  • Shane Vereen
  • C.J. Anderson
  • Ezekiel Elliott


Jamison Crowder is probably my favorite punt play at the WR position.  He’s right there with Reed in targets and is a favorite RZ target for Cousins.  He’s not a long ball kind of guy but he could easily go for 6 catches for 60 yards and a TD.  At $5,000, that’s enough for me to use him to help pay up at other spots. This will help you afford the AB, A Rob and OBJ players in your lineup for those 30 point upsides and provide nice stability at a 5k price point.

AJ Green has some crazy home/road splits and if you want to buy into the narrative, he just had another child this week and he’s probably on a nice natural high and is on the favorable split at home this week. It is against the Denver defense so chances are you won’t see Green at lower levels than this week.

Phillip Dorsett is probably going to be a very popular pick in most contests. His $6k price tag and Moncrief’s injury present him with a lot of increased opportunity at a low cost. He might be worth stashing in a cash game but I’m not sure if I’m playing him in a GPP yet. I don’t know if I can jump on board of a WR that’s not proven yet when he’s likely to be almost 15% in a lot of contests.  I think I can find myself with equal upside around that price point with plays like Crabtree, Jones, Shephard, and Floyd with lower ownership.

  • Allen Robinson
  • Antonio Brown
  • Jarvis Landry
  • Stefon Diggs
  • Larry Fitzgerald
  • Michael Floyd
  • Golden Tate
  • Marvin Jones
  • Travis Benjamin
  • Phillip Dorsett
  • TY Hilton
  • Sterling Shepard
  • Odell Beckham
  • Amari Cooper
  • Michael Crabtree
  • Jamison Crowder
  • Doug Baldwin
  • Kelvin Benjamin
  • AJ Green

Good luck all!

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