NFL Week 5 DFS FanDuel Picks – WR

Let’s jump right in and talk about my top FanDuel WR GPP picks of the week for the Sunday main slate. I’ll go over my favorite plays for WR: Top Tier, Middle of the Road and Punt Plays.

I won’t be doing Kicker or Defense. For Kicker look at teams who make it to opponent side of the field a lot but have a low TD % and match it up with teams that allow opponents on their side a lot. I really wish FanDuel would get rid of kickers and go with a Flex. Maybe I’ll switch to DK one day, but until then…

QB   |   RB   |   WR

Top Tier ($8,000 +)

Antonio Brown is always in play and has a great matchup. He’s also going to be one of the highest owned WRs so I’m not going to spend time looking at him. He’s a great play in all formats, just make sure to differentiate elsewhere if you use him in GPPs.

Odell Beckham $8,500 – Luckily for us, one’s emotional intelligence and maturity level doesn’t really dictate athletic ability. He’s a fantastic play vs Green Bay as well as another WR mentioned below as GB has struggled covering the slot position and looks like Sam Shields may miss another week. He’s had an abysmal first four weeks but he had that same kind of start last year too and a lot of people would likely be off him this week.

Memba when a top WR had a bad week in week 3 and great matchup in week 4? I memba, you memba?

Might be the best opportunity to get him at one of his lowest price points and lowest ownership. That’s typically a great recipe for success in DFS for top tier talent and one you should take advantage of when possible. Fantasy Labs is predicting 13 to 16% and I would bet that it’s a little lower in lower dollar tournaments where there’s not as much sharp players.

Julio Jones $8,900 – His price is back up after his monstrous week.  People will be off of him because of Denver. You could likely get Julio in single digit ownership despite his 40 plus points on FanDuel last week. Sure Denver is worrisome of defense but Matt Ryan looks locked in and Julio is a great example of paying up to be contrarian in this spot.  Plus I’ve been on Julio for this matchup for the past 6 weeks so it’s gotta be good, right?

Middle of the Road ($6,000 to $8,000)

Not going to cover Edelman. Obviously in play here but probably 20+ on ownership % and I think we can find his potential output elsewhere with much lower ownership for our GPP plays.

Amari Cooper $7,200 – I think we’re finally at the point where Crabtree will outdo Cooper ownership this week. Crabtree just had a massive 3 TD game vs Baltimore and he’s $300 less than Cooper. If you don’t agree with that breakdown of ownership, I would then suggest pivot to Crabtree here as they’re both fantastic plays but I’d much rather have Cooper than Crabtree in a vacuum this week and if ownership is going to be lower, that’s a bigger plus for me.

DeSean Jackson $6,700 – Coming off of a very disappointing week, we’re going to see D Jax in ownership levels below 5% in most GPPs. The game script is very likely for Washington to be playing from behind here which means tons of potential opportunity and saw that the Baltimore secondary isn’t against giving up TDs to receivers.

San Diego Chargers $6,500 – Both WRs we’re talking about here are the same price. One will have 2x the ownership as the other.  Let’s go over some stats on them:

  • WR A – 8 RZ targets (season), 22 total targets (wk 2 to wk 4), good matchup, 2 to 4 % ownership
  • WR B – 6 RZ targets (season), 21 total targets (wk 2 to wk 4), average matchup, 5 to 8 % ownership

WR A = Tyrell Williams  |  WR B = Travis Benjamin

I don’t know about you but I’d much rather have Tyrell in this spot than Benjamin. Upside is pretty equal between the two. You could possibly argue Benjamin has a few more point upside but opportunity is equal and trending towards Tyrell in form of snaps and targets.

Quincy Enunwa $6,200 – Keep an eye on the nature of the injury for Enunwa this week but if he’s healthy and ready to go, he’s a great GPP play. He will probably break 10% ownership but I’m okay with it because I would imagine the Steelers working to force Fitz to find other opportunities outside of Marshall and with Shazier a bit banged up, the routes Enunwa runs and the coverage he’ll receive he’s in line for 10 plus catches for over 100 yards.

Punt Plays ( $6,000 and below)

Eddie Royal $5,800 – I don’t know if I’m way off here but I don’t see his ownership being too high and with Kevin White sidelined and Alshon (who will likely be shadowed by Davis) and Zach Miller both banged up, it’s hard to imagine the targets here aren’t going to go through the roof for Eddie vs a sub par Indianapolis Colts secondary.

Victor Cruz $5,600 – So I mentioned Odell above but Cruz is in a fantastic spot this week as well. With all eyes on Odell and Shepard, Cruz is sneaking under the radar with possibly the best matchup opportunity here. It’s very likely the Giants will be passing the ball quite a bit vs the Packers so there’s a potential of 40 pass opportunities up for grabs here.  Odell snags up the majority of the targets for the season but in Week 4 Cruz led the way with 10 targets.

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