Monday Morning Quarterback: Week 6

Let’s take a look back at my Elite Plays for Week 6. I didn’t get to breakdown the entire slate because I had shit come up so I’m going to start my process sooner to make sure I leave enough time for the entire slate moving forward. My top lineup was 163 and change and that was my main lineup I used in cash games. I tend to play cash a little differently than most and use a cash/gpp hybrid. Let’s get started!

Nailed It

LeSean McCoy – I had 100% exposure to McCoy and it paid off. He absolutely crushed it with 140 rushing yards and 3 TDs in the victory over the 49ers.

Eagles Defense – You could say it was a bit of luck in how it happened. Picked for the right reasons (price and matchup) but got rewarded on something that doesn’t happen often which was two defensive TDs.

Rob Gronkowski – Big game for Gronk here with 7 catches for 162 yards and a TD.

Odell Beckham – I’m made at myself for having 0 exposure to OBJ even after saying he was an elite play. He finally had his day and we said it was coming and then missed it. Here’s to chasing points if you didn’t play him in Week 6

Cam Newton – 3x value at QB is always a nice day. There were better options based on price but you couldn’t be upset with what you got from him.

Jonathan Stewart – A very solid performance surpassing 20 points for just over $6k salary. Would have allowed to pay up for OBJ.

Michael Thomas – At his $5,400 price, he came through for us on the value prop giving us that coveted 3x we look for.

And while I didn’t breakout the last two games of the slate due to time constraints, I had Miller in my main lineup which I would have listed as Elite and he finally got those TDs he’s needed all year.


Bills Defense – They held SF to just 16 points but didn’t do much else. I wouldn’t say 6 points from an elite play is nailing it or way off. They certainly didn’t prevent you from cashing if you used them.

Marvin Jones – He stayed in single digits but it was a solid play in cash and it made a lot of sense. He was on my roster of 163 so in no way did he kill my lineup but it could have been better had the roles been reversed for him and Tate.

DeMarco Murray – Unfortunate that today was the day that Mariota decided to light it up. Murray had an okay performance but we need much more from our 8k+ RB.

Brandon LaFell – He was cheap enough for this to not be a total failure but was really hoping for more. His TD bailed him out of being Way Off.

Kelvin Benjamin – For his price, we needed more out of him but not a lineup killer by any means.

LeVeon Bell – For his price he underperformed and with the Roethlisberger injury, it’s surprising he didn’t get the ball even more.

Jarvis Landry – He was just a TD shy of making this play well worthwhile, instead he lands in the indifferent.

Fading Meredith – I still think it was the right call in GPP but his ownership wasn’t as high as I was expecting but the pivot to Thomas gave us just as many points so it’s a wash in terms of results but was the right move to make for GPPs.

Jimmy Graham – Decent game but lacked the TD that would have put him to elite status.

Way Off

Delanie Walker – Man oh man, what a prime matchup that led us to failure. 2 targets for 1 catch. Brutal.

Alex Smith – I was expecting so much more from him vs this horrible Raiders secondary but he barely got over 200 yards and 0 TDs.

I’ll take only being way off on 2 picks all day!  They were the only two that would have critically injured your lineups. Luckily I had limited exposure to both but the matchups were there for a major game and they just fell short.

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