About Fuggets

So where do you want to start?  My real name is Mat Houchens but am better known online by the moniker NuckFuggets.

Q: Where did the name NuckFuggets come from?

Not 100% sure exactly where I came up with the name from but it stemmed from when I first was getting established in the gaming community. It started off as a joke when I had created I Play COD, one of the largest Call of Duty communities on the interwebs.  We had a weekly contest where we would all play a free for all (every man for themselves) and I would be in there to oversee it and manage it to award the prize to the winner.  At that time, I think my user name was OccipitalMH or something stupid like that.

Well I created a new gamertag on Xbox Live called NuckFuggets and talked in a really annoying and nerdy voice and said that I was asked to oversee the operations moving forward.  Everyone hated it and hated me. It was awesome and exactly what I was hoping to achieve.  Only my business partner at the time knew it was me and we were having a blast with it.   It went on for a few more weeks and the identity of this “NuckFuggets” guy was still in the dark.  Unfortunately our members were notorious for breaking news and information and it was quickly found out who I was and the secret identity was no more but the name stuck.  The annoying and nerdy voice exited with the anonymity however.

Q: How’d you get into DFS?

I’ve loved Fantasy Football for over a decade.  A while back, one of the first adopters of “Daily Fantasy” was a site called Pay the Fan. The contests were weekly with a seasonal twist.  You would compete each week, redrafting your team along the way. Weekly winners with a seasonal payout as well. The twist with Pay the Fan was that you couldn’t use a player more than twice throughout the season. That really got me hooked onto the weekly opportunity to win money vs having to wait all season. I won a few bucks playing Pay the Fan back in the day and the quick gratification had me hooked.

This page is a work in progress and will be updated further.